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Vases, centrepieces and ceramic pieces that give personality to any space. Craftsmanship, the nature of the materials, experimentation in finishes and textures, colours... are the guidelines of our work to create decorative elements that bring warmth and define the character of a living room, dining room or a corner of a home. We think of ceramics as a material that conveys a feeling, and that is why our selection is handcrafted to tell the story of a place: your home, your restaurant, your hotel, your project.


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We understand sculpture as a differential element, capable of subtly starring in any environment. We think of these decorative objects as pieces that complete the identity and meaning of a style: contemporary, minimalist or trendy. Ceramic, metal and marble are the basic elements of our collection. Shapes and textures are the starting points of our creations.


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Without a doubt, a touch of colour makes all the difference. Which one do you identify with? Our selection is based on colours that come from the earth: warm colours, greens, blues, blacks... to introduce a fresh air into your designs. Cotton as a natural raw material in different finishes and shades give rise to our carefully studied collection of designer cushions and rugs ideal for a bedroom, living room or bedroom.


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We cannot forget about the mural decoration of spaces and that is why we present a wide collection of hand-painted pictures with a variety of themes: from abstract to figurative paintings with a carefully selected design, colour and texture. Variety in sizes, rectangular or square shapes, with glass or just a frame, each and every one of them seeks to generate emotion in a space.

We think of mirrors not only as an element of reflection but also as a wall sculpture. Mirrors of our own design made by hand, analysing suggestive shapes: round, rectangular, floor or wall and with their own personality. Perfect in contemporary decoration, in sophisticated spaces and in more casual atmospheres.


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Light as a transforming element of a space and the lamp as a designed element that conveys a way of living it. A wide selection of table lamps and ceiling lamps that help professionals to define a style. Ceramic is once again the star material and we incorporate glass and metal to achieve a collection full of possibilities for a bedroom, living room, kitchen or entrance hall. We work with each table lamp, choosing its shape, colour, finish and the perfect shade. We select the shade of the glass together with the metal in black and gold to create a unique collection of pendant lamps that enrich an environment.


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Because sitting down to rest and doing so comfortably has become a priority. We work with different designs looking for quality and beauty. We select the fabrics and combinations in all our dining chairs to create pieces that transmit comfort and style. Our upholstered armchairs in white, sand and a touch of colour are perfect for any moment of relaxation and we complete the collection with the use of RATTAN and WOOD + LEATHER in a very careful selection of pieces providing freshness and trend in each of these designer armchairs.


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Our furniture collection has become one of our mainstays thanks to our design and our attention to detail. Resistant ceramic material and the combination with wood or metal allow us to create dining tables of our own design that become the protagonist of any space. The use of natural oak, black or off-white in sideboards and tv stands allows us to offer natural and sophisticated finishes, pursuing subtlety in the details. We design most of our collection and we personalise all the small elements, making our catalogue transmit our personal and thoughtful way of doing things.